From the makers of the first 100%, Adult-Proof Cap we use on our Panacebo bottles comes more fun in many forms. We’ve been creating lots of dandy items on planet Earth so you may start wondering about who WE are.

We are a simple band of Aliens and Humans that have come together and created a television show called EARTHOVISION. What started out as a parody commercial evolved into an actual EARTHOVISION product. Aliens and Humans both love EARTHOVISION and Panacebo to extreme levels. Here are some typical comments:

Hi there! I’m a Human and I love Panacebo. I use it every day and I don’t seem to be exploding or anything. I like that it can cure all Alien ailments and I especially like how it tastes.

I think Panacebo is great! But I’m an Alien so who knows what it will do to a Human. Maybe you’ll explode. Try it and let’s see.

Glad you like Panacebo. If reports start rolling in of Aliens exploding after trying Panacebo we’ll let you know :)

I ate two bottles and only exploded a little bit. It was embarrassing though cause it was in an elevator and it smelled really, really bad :(

…and here is a comment by a typical Alien:
XZW ovG v ecolsdka vort morvalian doohickies!

Have you ever heard such a comment for the competitor’s product? Never! So BUY some Panacebo today and try not to explode (some reports of washing down Panacebo with Nitroglycerin may cause explosion. But we deny the validity of these studies so go ahead and try it).

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