Free Screensavers
Enjoy the Free Screensavers below. Just download and install. Now when you leave your computer to go buy more Panacebo, bizarre stuff will pop up on your screen and scare away any animal that might have stepped on your keyboard. You never know though. Since a cat might attack the Aliens on your computer screen these might be considered the opposite of “Screen Savers”.
Free Screensavers
Try the Panacebo Anti-Gravity Screensaver and fill your computer with life…Alien life. Every Alien knows the best Panacea/Placebo is Panacebo and one of the many pills it can replace is your Anti-Gravity Sickness medication. A good thing to because the Aliens on this ship were listening to hot tunes and accidentally banged on the Anti-Gravity button. If their predicament brings you down or maybe gets you too excited just try some Panacebo and see what happends.
Free Screensavers
Panacebo Anti-Gravity

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