Welcome to PANACEBO! The Alien Panacea/Placebo you can believe in. For generations many Alchemists searched for an ultimate cure-all; a Panacea. Those that have studied the Placebo effect have also made many discoveries but it was the minds of mixed-up, Alien Scientists that finally combined a Panacea with a Placebo and thus born was….PANACEBO!

Rather you need a little help falling asleep at night….or need help waking up in the morning. If PANACEBO works for Aliens so well why don’t YOU try it? Because you might explode!


Normally you would never use Alien pills and the effects to humans are still being studied so only buy these for your Alien friends and never, ever, eat even one. You might explode. If you should decide to eat one please video the experience so that we may study the explosion. Heck, eat a whole bottle. They taste great and hit your tongue so hard it’ll see colors. If your a human and you for instance, cure your leprosy, drop us a note and let us know. We’re glad to get comments. Even by those complaining they exploded. What Alien Panacea/Placebo did they eat?….PANACEBO!

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